Functional Dermatological Cosmetics
Scientific Approach
We take into account the most recent scientific breakthroughs in biochemistry, dermatology and pharmacology when producing/making our skincare products.
Innovative Active Cosmetic Ingredients
We keep abreast of the most recent research in formulation science and purchase our active ingredients from the top suppliers.
Only Natural Ingredients
We captiously select only natural components for drawing up our unique formulations.
Lamellar Structure
All Sativa's skin care products have lamellar structure for gentle and effective penetration of cosmetics into deeper layers of the skin. We really did it!
Prebiotic Cosmetics
We don’t use harsh preservatives in our products and use self-preserving systems instead.
Conscious Choice
We work for true nature lovers, who choose eco-friendly cosmetics.
Our Brand Stores
Find Sativa Stores near you

We are always happy to welcome you at Sativa Cosmetics stores. Only at Sativa Cosmetics store you will find our entire line of skin care products for all of your beauty needs. At the store you will be able to test the products and speak to a knowledgeable consultant. Our consultants have expert knowledge of our products and will be able to offer you individualized recommendations of products tailored to your beauty needs.

In the form of an interactive skin-care quiz, you will discover and better understand the skin you have. You will simply answer a short series of questions about:

  • your skin type,
  • your concerns and its causes,
  • causes of skin disorders,
  • ways to take care of your skin.

At the conclusion of a discussion with you, a consultant will be able to offer solutions targeting your specific needs and help you to create your perfect daily beauty/skin care routine.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Ask A Skin Care Consultant
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Ольга, August, 6
Добрый день! Подскажите как часто можно пользоваться маской 101? просто мне эта маска помогла убрать небольшие покраснения от акне на лице, и этот эффект держится уже второй день, поэтому не знаю даже как часто ее делать, есть возможно какой-то курс таких масок? не будет ли она сушить от частого использования?
Ольга, August, 6
Добрый день. Вы можете использовать альгинатную маску так часто, как вам это нравится. Ее механизм работы с кожей совершенно другой, не такой как у глин, и поэтому они не обезжиривают кожу, а наоборот сильно увлажняют. В классических рекомендациях начальный курс - 10 масок подряд с интервалом 2-3 дня, а потом - по мере необходимости.